Bamboo for cooking


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img_1974If you haven’t heard of cooking inside of a green bamboo culm you are in for a treat.  This is a traditional cooking method used in parts of India as well as other parts of Asia and it is both really unique and quite delicious.  The culms arrive green and you cook your food of choice inside of the culm on a grill or an open fire.  The bamboo will add moisture and flavor to the dish.  We have cooked everything from fish to squash, rice to chicken inside of the culms and it’s always delicious.  Once the food is cooked it can be poured out onto a plate for serving.  This is great for an event or just a Saturday night BBQ.  Each piece is between 15″-20″ and the opening is between 11/2″-2″.  In (4) pieces we can fit a medium butternut squash and 2 lbs of chicken.  img_1976img_1973img_1975

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10 culms, 2 culms


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