Bambusa textilis gracilis - Graceful Bamboo

Bambusa textilis gracilis – Graceful Bamboo

img_1874img_0232img_1881Graceful bamboo is one of the best plants for Central Florida.  It is very upright and can fit into smaller spaces while still providing a good screen for privacy.  It can also be hedged and kept at a shorter height or boxed to give a more architectural look.  This is also one of my favorites for tea and shoots.  It gets to be around 20′ tall depending upon conditions with a culm diameter around 1″.  A fast grower with beautiful leaves this plant will fit in almost any backyard without taking up the whole space.

We sell the plants typically in 5-7 gallon size field clumps and they look like stalks to begin with but leaf out very quickly and will provide a nice screen within a year.  The spacing is 3-5′ on center – the closer you plant them the more immediate the effect.