About us

I have been passionate about plants since I my childhood days of building fairy houses in the garden. Bamboo became a passion of mine in my 20’s.  I had always loved plants a passion given to me by my mother and her mother before her.  I worked for several landscape companies where I was introduced to grasses including the giant grasses we call bamboos.  I was fascinated and obsessed with their diversity, beauty, and form.  I studied more and more wanting to know every functional aspect of these wonders.  I eventually moved to Florida to work for Disney Imagineering as a bamboo and ornamental grass specialist at Animal Kingdom.  It was a dream come true.  When the project came to an end I decided to start my own small farm where I could raise both animals and plants and hence Bamboo Life was born.  The versatility of bamboo is phenomenal.  A plant that can be used to build houses and furniture as well as feed and bring health to people and animals.  I began to look more toward the food and medicine side and developed Bamboo Leaf Tea a company devoted to organically grown teas made from bamboo leaves.

Sustainability and the environment are important to me. Growing bamboo helps the environment by giving off as much as 35% more oxygen than trees. It also provides habitat for birds and other native species. That doesn’t mean that native forests should be cut down to grow bamboo and our farm has been planted on land that was previously grass. Bamboo plants need a lot of water and with growing attention to our clean water resources it is best to water from renewable sources.  I am committed to growing Bamboo Life and Bamboo Leaf Tea in a the most sustainable way that I know how and to living a life that reflects that premise.