img_7923Bamboo Plants for Central Florida
~bamboos to screen
~bamboos to provide habitat

 ~bamboos to beautify
~bamboos to clean the air
~bamboos to reduce noise pollution
~bamboos for food
~bamboos for medicine

Adding bamboo to any gardens brings a sense of peace and enhances the beauty of the space. We have bamboos for small gardens and ones for large spaces. Bamboos make good neighbors! And whether you are trying to hide a dilapidated fence or add privacy to your life a living fence of bamboo can be the answer to your problem.

We sell only bamboos that do well in the Central Florida region. I love big tropicals but after cleaning up 40′ tall frozen culms too many times I choose to stick with what works. We are all busy and we don’t need more work in our lives 🙂

img_0001Our plants are dug to order and are sold in field clumps.  These plants give you a great value for your money and end up growing faster then their potted counterparts.  We can dig larger plants for a more immediate effect or for commercial applications or small ones for living fences.

Planting for commercial use is a great passion of ours.  Planting for production of bio-mass or poles is something we have been working on both in Florida and Costa Rica.  There are not enough bamboos planted at this time for the current demand let alone the future one.  If you are considering adding bamboo into your agriculture production we have the plants for you.